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Vlassified: The future of online classifieds

March 07, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   HLV Blog   |   0 Comment»

What do you get when you cross online classified ads with web-based video? — a whole new way for customers to reach out to one another to sell and promoted their business, services, automobiles, collectibles, concert tickets and countless other goods and services. combines the hottest internet trends in one, easy-to-use site: e-commerce, video profiles, everyone’s desire to have their 15 seconds of fame and video sharing.”

With a few clicks of a mouse, customers can upload their own video commercials, recorded on their camcorders, webcams, digital cameras or camera phones. Ads are organized by category and location, and users can enter text descriptions, contact information, tags along with their video clips. Users with then get embed codes and links to their video classified that they can easily post into other classified site, on other websites and share on social media. For best results, users side effects of viagra are encouraged to engage their personality, creativity and sense of humor when filming their commercials. And who knows? One may well turn out to be the next average Joe or Jane launched into internet stardom. The service is entirely free for your personal video profile and for your 7 day video classified —with options to pay to keep the listing up for longer. improves on two of the top trends on the internet—videos and classified ads—by combining them. And it’s a smart new use of personal video, especially considering the number of people who are growing accustomed to using their cellphones or digicams to create and upload their own videos. With classifieds, videos obviously a useful extra layer of information; especially when it comes to renting apartments or selling cars and other large items.

So don’t wait, turn your classified into a Vlassified today!

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